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Modern, Educational Arabic Books for Children

We became fully funded on Kickstarter. Our books & posters are now available for purchase

A HUGE THANK YOU to each and every one of you! In less than one month we became fully funded on Kickstarter. We came together, partnered with  Uplift Charity  and donated 200 books to families in need.

We have received our books & posters and they are currently for sale on our website. Both our Alif Baa Taa board book and Arabic Alphabet Poster are available on Amazon Prime!

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What Makes Our Books Different?

Our Books are visually appealing and are written in Fus-ha Arabic with tashkeel. 

ba baa arabic letter ba arabic B arabic alphabet

What If I Can't Read Arabic?

We have thoughtfully transliterated all Arabic words to ensure that non-native speakers can easily grasp the nuances of the Arabic language.

Alif arabic alphabet arnab arabic letters

Where Are Our Books Be Sold?

You can now purchase our books and poster on our website. Alif Baa Taa is also on Amazon Prime!

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